How do I Make Donations with my Tango Card?

Jana M. -

To make a donation to a charitable organization, just follow the steps below:

  1. Enter your card number and PIN on the home page and click "Activate" OR Log-in to your account if you have a balance and click on "go to redeem".
  2. Click on the "Make a Donation" link on the next page.
  3. Select the organization of your choosing, and then enter the amount of the donation and your e-mail address on the right-side of the page.  Make sure to click the "Make a Donation" button.

You know the process will be complete when you receive an order confirmation number on the web page. You will also receive an e-mail letting you know the order has been placed and that we are in the process of fulfilling it.

Once the order is fulfilled, you will receive a receipt and letter of thanks via e-mail from the organization. Please save this information for your records.