Getting Started With Tango Card

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Getting Started with Tango Card

Welcome to the Tango Card FAQs. We are devoted to answering any questions you have about us and what we do, if you cannot find what you are looking for, please send us an email or give us a call! You can reach us at or 1-877-558-2646.

If you have a Tango Card and you want to start using it, please click here:


Where can I use my Tango Card?

To be absolutely clear, you only 'use' the Tango Card at Here you can redeem your value for the retail gift card or non-profit donation of your choice. You can even split up your value and get multiple gift cards if you want. Our current list of premium retail eGift cards can be found here.

Once you receive your retailer gift card then you can use that gift card at the retailer you chose. You will also receive a notification of any donations you make that you can use for your records if you track those.


Tango Card Inc. What do we do?

Tango Card is an enterprise software and solutions company. We believe incentives and rewards are most effective when delivered strategically. Our goal is to drive change and results for our business partnerships. Tango Card is effective because we integrate seamlessly into our partner’s programs and platforms. We are proud to work directly with our partners to tailor our service to their specific needs.


What is RaaS and how does it help?

Rewards as a Service (RaaS), is our way of recognizing loyalty and engagement instantaneously through incentives.

RaaS allows you to reach out to customers and employees quickly, easily and in a way that they will remember. For your business, RaaS is inexpensive; 100% of your budget goes to the reward program. No fees! 


What do you need from your rewards, loyalty or incentive program?

At Tango Card we recognize that each partner we make has different needs.  If you need to order rewards in bulk, Blast Rewards can help. If you need to integrate rewards directly into your platform or software, take a look at our RaaS API. For more information on integration, head over to our Developer’s page!


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    Kris Ross

    After you choose what you want for your tango card,how do I spend it??

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    Rhonda Shoaf

    my question is if you have more than 1 for the same place ,could a person combine them into 1 card ? for example if I have 5 $5 for applebees could I combine them into 1 and send it to myself instead of printing out all 5 ? if I could ,that would save me in ink and paper when I want to use it. also if printed out would it show tango and then list places its excepted at ? I am nervous about using my points and taking it to the place and the cashier not taking because it would only say "tango".

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    @Rhonda it depends on the retailer in what they allow. For the Tango Card yes you can combine the cards and use the aggregate value to redeem for a bigger card.

    @Kriss each retailer has slightly different instructions but the email you receive with your codes will give you instructions on that specific gift card.

    If you have any questions please email us at or call us at 1-877-558-2646

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