Tango Card 101 - A step-by-step guide

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What is Tango Card?

Tango Card is an exciting, flexible digital reward (“e-reward”) delivered through email.

When you receive a Tango Card, you get to choose the gift cards, donations or promotions that you really want. Simply redeem the value of the Tango Card for the gift card you choose and it will be emailed to you shortly.

How to Reward with Tango Card

1. Register a free account at TangoCard.com.

2. Add funds to your account (credit card, ACH, wire); this is your balance to draw from as you reward. Check out the article How do I fund my Tango Card account for details.

Reward People One at a Time

1. Visit TangoCard.com 

2. Log-in to your account

3. Go to “Buy a Tango Card”

4. Enter name and email of recipient, value of Tango Card, custom message

5. Choose e-mail delivery and date of delivery

6. Preview and confirm (email confirmation will be sent to you)

Recipients of Tango Card

1. Rewards are activated online, using the Code and PIN located in the Tango Card e-reward 

2. Recipients choose how they want to spend their reward value by selecting e gift cards such as Amazon.com, Target, REI, The Home Depot, iTunes®, Nike, and Fandango to name a few. And, you can spend the value at over 30,000 relaxing spas, delicious restaurants and stores near you— or you can donate to nonprofits such as Habitat For Humanity, Clean Water Foundation and World of Children.

3. Recipients spend their reward online, in-store or on their mobile.

Recipients do not need to register for a Tango Card account to receive or redeem rewards; however, having a Tango Card account does allow a recipient to aggregate multiple Tango Card rewards.

Joining Tango Card is always free, and there are never any fees or expiration dates associated with Tango Card rewards.


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