Tango Card Activation

Julian L. -

My Tango Card won't activate

  • Try switching web browsers or using a different device (phone/tablet/laptop/etc).
  • Clearing your browser's cache or using your browser's private browsing mode will also work.

My Tango Card balance isn't showing up

  • You can always activate your Tango Card again if you don't see your balance.
  • You might not be logged into a Tango Card account. If you aren't logged in when you activate your Tango Card, you will need to activate the card again if you return to the site later on.

I don't have a Tango Card account

  • It is not necessary to have an account to redeem a Tango Card


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    Monique Anne CERNE

    How does one get his tango card? And receives it by mail or otherwise?

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    Julian L.

    Hi Monique,

    In most cases, Tango Cards are delivered via email. Once you have received a Tango Card, you can use it to redeem a digital gift card of your choosing. Gift cards are also delivered via email, but can be printed out or scanned in store from a cell phone if you prefer not to shop online.

    If you have further questions, please feel free to write us an email at cs@tangocard.com. Thanks!

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    Joe Greene

    The Amazon gift card code that I received from TANGO is getting rejected by Amazon


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